Customer Comments:

"I can honestly say that ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel is one of my most used programs. I start every day with loading my desktop calculator and ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel before I open any of my detailing software packages. Whether I’m in a 2D detailing software or 3D software, ShapeBook has proved to be unbeaten at the information and speed that it provides for all steel shape profiles. It also has a search capability when I need to look for a profile substitute, that allows me to enter certain criteria that I must meet such as flange thickness and width, which will give me a list of all the steel shapes that meet that criteria. I have found this one resource alone to save enough time to pay for the program. And the program works within AutoCAD so that you can add the shape profiles in any orientation that I need. Bottom line, if I’m working, your program is up and running alongside of whatever detailing package I’m using. I’ve used this program for years and wouldn’t want to be without it. I’ve bought and used many others, but this is the one that I faithfully use every day."
- Michael Foster, Foster’s Structural Detailing

"The ShapeBook program is one of the best programs we have. It is a great tool to have to use along with your cad program. It assists us with our AutoCAD program in detailing structural steels. We not only use it for detailing structural steels, we use it to detail gusset plates, especially detailing gussets for channels. Our customers will detail plates that weld into channels. We use Shapebook to verify the fit on these details. We have been using Shapebook for years. But, we just ran into a great benefit of having Shapebook. We just purchased a Peddinghaus beam line. We are able to load the steel details of the Shapebook program into the software of our beam-line program thru the dxf files. This gave us the ability to be more accurate in the back-check of our hole layouts. It also gave us the ability to send better details of the drilling to the shop. Another benefit of Shapebook is the affordability of the program. Also with this is the support you get from the people at South Fork. Believe me; you cannot go wrong in the purchasing of the Shapebook with 2D3DSteel Software."
- George Gordon, Fab-Tec Industries

"There is nothing better for a steel detailer, it's a dream come true. I couldn't find a comparable program anywhere else on the internet. I use ShapeBook 2009 at work in a large fabrication shop where things can get a little hectic at times and it is so well structured that it makes my job a lot easier. When I'm working I keep it up on the bottom of my desktop and when I need it, it is very easy to access, more informative for a detailer than the AISC 13th edition. I have a copy of the South Fork Technologies SFT49 on my HP-50g calculator and it really saves me a lot of mistakes and time, very accurate as well. Thanks Dennis for a job well done!"
- Ronald Greer, Steel Detailer

"I am a thermal engineer for Increase Performance, Inc., and I design, layout, and estimate costs for Furnaces, Fired Heaters, Heat Recovery Units, Air PreHeat Systems, and Ducting. I use ShapeBook daily and find it an extremely valuable tool."
- Jack E. Hardie, Thermal Process Engineer

"Thank you for the great product, I have been in the steel industry for 20+ years and this is a great tool for me and I have influenced many people to buy it, once you use it you don’t want to do without it. It’s fantastic for quick and accurate layouts. It’s been years since I have picked up my steel book to look up a steel shape. It works flawlessly with AutoCAD. I truly recommended it. It’s worth it."
- Mario Vazquez, Structural Steel and Metal Deck Detailer

"I am an estimator for a industrial painting contractor and I use ShapeBook to get the contact area of the structural steel for sandblasting & coatings. The program gives me square foot measurements for most of the items I see from contractors or suppliers who need our quotes so I can accurately order materials & assess production rates. It is also useful to see how much a particular steel member weight is so we can plan on how to handle the material. It has been worth every penny!"
- Ron Karger, Project Manager / Estimator, Detail Painting, Inc.

"I have been using ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel for several years. It has been the best AutoCAD add-on that I have purchased. I would be lost without it. I do a lot of structural detailing both in the US and abroad so the metric conversion is very handy for the foreign projects. Sure, there are other programs that can be used but where else can you get everything you need in one small bundle that installs easy. I currently use AutoCAD 2012 and ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel works perfectly with it. Thank you Dennis for this most useful product."
- Casey Skelton, CD Manager - Planning/CAD Design, IMEDCO America, Ltd.

"I have found Shapebook with 2D3DSteel to be a highly productive, accurate and easy to use tool for my steel detailing applications. South Fork has been a smart and very cost effective choice in making my drawings more efficient. I highly recommend using their software products."
- Eric Paradis, Circa Steel Detailers

"ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel is great & well laid out! I use it extensively for my 2D work. I also have recommended it to my other colleagues & clients! You have also provided very quick responses to the few problems I have encountered with my system!"
- Paul Rymal, Rymal Drafting Inc.

"The reason that I use ShapeBook is that it's so handy. I design fire sprinkler systems. In that process, the many details that are needed for hanging a system, verifying clearances, etc are a click away instead of "Where'd I put that book". The interface is fast, intuitive, and adaptable. Why would anyone that is in the steel business be without this program? Great job, Dennis!"
- Vince Sabolik, Christi Fire Protection, Inc.

"I have been using ShapeBook for a couple years now and it has been an invaluable tool for me to translate accurate structural shapes into our CAD software. It it easy to use and I highly recommend it!"
- Scott Silva

"I do not believe that any day would go by, with at least one of us at PB&A Inc. not using ShapeBook. I find the data available very useful and the program has made life much easier."
- Pirooz Barar, S.E., PB&A, Inc., Structural Engineering

"I use Shapebook every day in my structural detailing business. It is accurate and fast, a good resource for information and a great tool. I recommend it for everyone in the industry."
- Steve Rinaldi, Structural Detail. Inc.

"We have been using the ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel software as our office standard for many years. It is an invaluable tool and we have come to rely on its accuracy and ease of use."
- Kevin Carlberg, West Coast Drafting