3D Steel Detailing Services

South Fork Technologies is a structural steel detailing business providing quality economical detailing services for steel fabricators for over 20 years. I've been using the SDS2 3D Steel Detailing System since 2007 for many different types of projects. I begin testing new releases as soon as possible to take advantage of new techniques and provide you with better detailing. I can configure SDS2 to produce drawings, reports, KSS files, CNC files, and 3D models that match your company's standards, shop practices, and equipment. The new Tekla PowerFab Plugin provides a seamless interface for BIM data transfers to facilitate detailing collaboration in Tekla Structures or fabrication packages for Tekla PowerFab users.

I am located in Washington State near the Mt. Saint Helens National Monument and have been incorporated since 2000. My project history includes commercial and industrial buildings, building remodels, seismic upgrades, retrofits, Corps of Engineers projects, including dams, bridges, & fish ladders, water treatment facilities, and a variety of miscellaneous steel projects. I follow industry-standard AISC detailing practices and conform to each customer's standards to the best of my ability.

In addition to SDS2, I use Bluebeam Revu for detailing, estimating, and project coordination. Adobe Creative Cloud provides me with world-class content creation tools for detailing, building my website, and software development. Microsoft Office 365 is my preferred office suite. Visual Studio with its built-in Intellisense AI is the platform I use to develop Windows Applications for AutoCAD and the Microsoft Store.

Communication through the request for information (RFI) process is an important aspect of steel detailing. I like asking questions using clear technical language and including sketches, screenshots, and partial 3D pdf models as required to make my requests for information clear. This saves time and avoids confusion and errors.

I make daily on-site and off-site backups of my current project in SDS2 and keep my computer protection, network security, and other backup systems up to date to avoid data loss and to ensure safe secure operations. I always strive to keep my hardware, software, and training as current as possible.

I use my software products "Feet and Inch Engineering Tools", "ShapeBook", and "ShapeBookWith2D3DSteel" whenever I am working in SDS2 or AutoCAD. "ShapeBook" and "Feet and Inch Engineering Tools" are the best tools to have at your fingertips when you are developing complex connection design using the dialogs in SDS2 and Tekla structures, or estimating a job in Bluebeam. They are great productivity tools and are available for you on this website. Download a 30-day trial or purchase your copy today.

If you would like me to detail steel for you, please send me an email or give me a call at (360) 274-0493, I'm friendly and easy to work with, and I will be a powerful asset to your organization.

The Space Launch Complex at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lompoc, CA
Slide Gates, Transitions, and Conduits for McCook Reservoir, Chicago, IL
The McNary Lock and Dam Modernization Project, Umatilla, OR
Washoe Medical Center - Phase 1 Tower, Reno, NV
Adventist Medical Center, Portland, OR
Seattle Fire Station #10, Seattle, WA
Fremont Bridge, Seattle, WA
Burnside Bridge, Portland, OR
Chewaucan River Bridge, Oregon
Carraizo Dam, Puerto Rico - Spillway Gate Rehabilitation

Please see my Projects Portfolio page for a more complete history of completed projects.

I am always looking for new work so please,
call or email if you would like a quote on a project.